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Accounting Post

Job Description

Scope of responsibilities includes:

  • Identify areas in which the company could cut costs by reducing spending in certain areas by showing patterns in the allocation of financial resources.
  • Purchase orders, vouchers and invoices are reviewed by the accounting officer to ensure accuracy in payment amounts for reimbursements, and that correct amounts have been released for company purchases. The accounting officer serves as the final checks and balances for all use of company funds and is ultimately accountable for any misappropriation.
  • As the accounting officer tracks spending records, he is also responsible for planning subsequent departmental budgets based on past spending patterns and any new proposals that may create more efficient use of available company funds.



  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferably BS Accountancy)
  • At least 2 years of experience as an accounting officer/ staff
  • Oversees financial transactions both internal and external for his employer.
    These professionals perform many financial duties that require attention
    to detail, excellent communication skills and a keen eye for resource