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A VA is an independent contractor that provides specialized clerical, personal, creative, social, and/or technical assistance to business professionals and consumers across several industries through an online service provider. Unlike typical secretaries or employees, VAs are not physically present in the office. Instead, they are located offshore or in remote areas while fulfilling their specialized roles.

Apart from providing back office support, a VA also streamlines business processes through collaborative partnership(s) with clients. They help business owners and professionals save time and money by handling a wide-array of activities that include the following:

Data Processing
Customer Service
Specialized Services

Virtual assistance provides the following advantages:

  • VAs can help you save time and money on operation and costs. They have their own equipment and workspace; hence, you pay them only for their service.
  • Hiring a VA allows you to focus on more important business responsibilities. You don’t have to worry about organizing and prioritizing tasks. A VA can and will do it for you.
  • VAs free you from tax and benefit worries. In hiring one, you don’t have to pay for 401K retirement plans or even worry about vacation and leave benefits.
  • VAs lessen your workload and amplify results by combining their efforts with current technologies.

Aside from financially challenged corporations reducing operational costs, virtual assistance services are also best for busy entrepreneurs and firms seeking to optimize profits for their businesses. Among those who rely most on VA services include:

  • Online marketers
  • Small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Authors
  • Progressive businesses that need to make smart choices
  • A businessman already overwhelmed with too much workload
  • A person or business that wants to be more productive and less stressed
  • A businessman who doesn’t want to waste time and money hiring and training new employees
  • A person or business who wants some productive break in life

The Philippines has established its niche in the BPO industry. Its huge talent pool, friendly people, and high level of cultural compatibility with other nations such as the United States, Europe, and Asia, makes the country one of the best destinations for both voice and non-voice services. Here are other reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines is an excellent choice:

  1. Its economic growth is an assurance of access to leading-edge services.
  2. It annually produces thousands of multi-skilled tertiary graduates.
  3. It offers affordable and high-quality BPO and KPO services.
  4. It houses world-class utility infrastructure and facilities.
  5. It is the third largest English-speaking country in the world and Filipinos speak English with a neutral accent.
  6. It has innovative contact centers that use top-of-the-line technology in serving clients.


FilWorX is a Philippine-based provider of prime virtual office solutions. We are dedicated to using our hard-earned expertise in helping you optimize your back office operations and set your priorities more clearly.

Our team is fueled by diligent and proficient Filipino personnel that focus on virtual assistance and other specialized business processing outsourcing (BPO) services. Using top-of-the-line technologies and optimized infrastructures, we make sure we deliver quality outputs on time, all the time.

If you want to minimize overhead costs while maintaining quality work and service, FilWorX, doing business as (DBA) FilWeb Asia, Incorporated, would be the best choice for you. Our team of expert and proficient virtual assistants (VAs) will provide you cost-effective back office solutions that will help your business achieve optimum success.

Apart from affordable solutions and customized alternatives, FilWorX also ensures that you are working with a highly skilled staff. Our VAs are trained to provide a variety of services that are integral to your business. They are hospitable, easy to get along with, and highly optimistic.

FilWorX has specialized and industry-trained virtual assistants that can help you outstandingly execute all your unique business tasks at the drop of hat. We have VAs that are specifically trained to carry out administrative tasks, customer service, data processing, social media marketing, writing, web development, and graphic design.

Definitely, yes! FilWorX integrates technical innovation and highly skilled individuals to be able to deliver quality and cost-efficient solutions. We have set our credibility by aligning our framework with the following:

  • Core values: respect, excellence, accountability, communication, teamwork, integrity, and trust
  • Hands-on management ensuring quality output
  • High-end facilities
  • Stern screening and training procedures
  • 24/7 office hours
  • Quality service at affordable cost


Because we want to guarantee your satisfaction, we offer free trial on all our VA services. This free trial will help you test the waters and see if our team fits and meets your distinct business requirements. You have the option to either continue or cancel the service during the trial period.

To begin with the free trial, you must fill in any of our online “Free Trial Registration” form with your full name, e-mail address, phone number, and location. Shortly, after submitting the form, you’ll receive an e-mail message confirming your registration. You will also get a call from one of our Sales and Support representatives within the next 24 hours to discuss with you the details of your free trial.

Please be reminded that the duration of our free trials vary depending on the type of project you sign up for. These will all be discussed to you during your free consultation with our Sales and Support team. After we agree on the terms of service, project specifics, and work schedule, we will send you a “free trial” service agreement, which you must sign and return to us through fax or e-mail.

Within 24 hours, after the receipt of your free trial/sign up e-mail confirmation, you will be contacted by one of our Sales and Support team for your free consultation. During the said phone conversation, we will discuss with you your business needs. We will suggest key points that are beneficial in sustaining your business and in managing your daily tasks.

We will identify with you the tasks and responsibilities that you can most comfortably assign and skills that you expect from your Virtual Assistant. We will also ask you about your availability and preferred schedule. In doing this process, we will be able to identify the right services, as well as the perfect VA that will match your prerequisites.

You will be given an option to continue or cancel the service before the expiration of the free trial. During this time, you will receive an e-mail and a form asking for your final decision, as well as your evaluation of the service. If you wish to continue, our Sales and Support agent will contact you about the payment and the service agreement.

Upon discussion and understanding of the terms and conditions, you will be requested to sign a “paid” service agreement for your order. You must send it back to us through e-mail or fax before the end of your trial period to avoid unnecessary interruptions in the ongoing workflow.

If you decide to skip the free trial and sign up immediately for the VA services, you may simply fill in any of the available forms on our web site. Our Sales and Support agent will then call you to discuss your preferred services, as well as the payment and the service agreement.

After discussing and verifying your project information, desired work schedule, and our terms and conditions, we will then review your requirements and evaluate appropriate candidates from our pool of dedicated and well-equipped virtual assistants. You may also choose to interview a list of all our recommended VAs and make a personal choice. Interviews can be done via video conferencing (Skype), phone, chat, or e-mail.

After choosing the right VA, you and our management team will discuss how the work will be delegated, conveyed, implemented, monitored, and recorded. We can also help you decide on the processes, appropriate technology, and resources to be used.

Our “Custom Plan Guide” is only a sample computation/assessment of our virtual assistance services based on the number of working hours and specialization of our VAs. You may choose to avail of any of the prepared packages or you may also create your own custom package. Just fill in our Customized Package Inquiry Form with your desired number of working hours, preferred number of VAs, and intended tasks or services. Immediately, after submitting the form, you’ll receive an e-mail message confirming your registration. You will also be contacted by one of our Sales and Support representatives to discuss with you your desired package and business requirements.

Our expert team of virtual assistants can work at any time of the day and adjust to your terms and requirements. We have VAs that can work part-time, full time, and even 24/7.

If you need further information about our Virtual Assistance services, feel free to communicate with our LIVE chat representatives or contact our Sales and Support team at the following toll free numbers: 1 (888) 644-8302 (U.S.) and +44 (1975) 525-002. You may also write us an e-mail at:

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