Data Capture
Fast and Accurate Data Capturing Services Guaranteed

FilWorX provides the best solution in mitigating the costly and time-consuming requisites of handling important information. We offer Data Capture services that encapsulate, manage, and preserve information important to your business.

Our data capture includes the following services:

  • Identification and digital capturing of huge volumes of documents receipts, microfilms or photographs, and other forms
  • Conversion of scanned hard copies of documents into machine-readable digital form or media
  • Secured handling and management of highly sensitive and confidential documents such as financial and legal files

Entrusting your data capturing tasks to our dependable VAs can deliver you the following benefits:

Improved Productivity and Turnaround Time

  • Fast and accurate outputs delivered on the dot
  • Large volumes of digitized data in less time

Quality and Cost-Effective Output

  • 100% data accuracy
  • Low-cost data capturing services
  • Reduced staffing and recruitment costs

Enhanced Data Management

  • Efficient record keeping and database management
  • Easy and fast access to data
  • Long-term conservation of data

Managing large volumes of information can burn away so much of your valuable time and money. Use your resources wisely. Try FilWorX now!

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