Data Processing
“We’ll help you turn pieces of raw data to useful sets of information.”

Managing large volumes of data can be strenuous, costly, and time-consuming. Stop sacrificing your precious time and money capturing, extracting, digitizing, and processing data single-handedly. Let FilWorX do all the work.

Data Mining

Today, companies can take advantage of the modern techniques of uncovering unknown details. Analyzing such information can help you achieve your business goals. Data mining at FilWorX makes this possible for you. We employ highly analytical individuals that are good at examination, logical reasoning, and comprehension.

  • Uncover the potentials of your business.
  • Be more definite with your corporate strategies.
  • Predict future results and make fearless forecasts.
  • Push your limit beyond your perceived abilities.
  • Enjoy infinite possibilities.

Data Entry or Form Filling

FilWorX does data entry work. Whether data consist of mathematical figures, statistics, or texts, we can assist you in storing them for easy access and recovery. We transcribe data and enter them onto a computer program using accurate strategies.

Data Encoding

FilWorX provides data encoding services, both online and offline. We guarantee delivering them with speed without compromising the quality of our outputs.

Data Conversion

FilWorX has highly skilled people who can do data conversion effectively. Our employees know exactly what to do with them—structure, digitize, and present them in their most usable formats. We don’t only organize data, but we also improve their usability. Related services include :

  • Document conversion
  • File conversion
  • Word formatting
  • PDF to XML
  • HTML to text
  • Word to XML
  • RTF to XML

Data Capture

FilWorX provides data capture services. We help you obtain various details from source documents (usually unstructured) and use them to your benefit. With the long list of methods available to seize certain data, clients are assured of convenience and accuracy.

Database Management

Companies produce an overwhelming volume of data daily frequently resulting in database break down that causes technical malfunctions, leading to more serious problems. FilWorX offers database management services with our consultative approach that will surely help you resolve your dilemmas.

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