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Do you want to better your business, improve your sales, reduce your customer care costs, and deliver outstanding customer service 24/7?

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What is Live Chat Customer Support Service?

Live chat customer support service allows you to have an agent straight on your web site that can:

  • Communicate with your clients/customers real-time
  • Immediately and efficiently respond to your clients/customers’ questions and concerns

What Makes FilWorX Different?

  • We ensure an excellent and reliable partnership with your clients.
  • We provide highly passionate, competent, and knowledgeable people.
  • We deliver cost-efficient solutions to guarantee your clients/customers’ satisfaction.

    Our live chat agents can help you with any of the following:

    • Sales
    • Up-sell and Cross-Sell Programs
    • E-commerce Support
    • Lead Generation
    • Win-Back Programs
    • Technical Support
    • Account Information Updates
    • Shipping and Product Questions

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