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Powered by diligent and reliable Filipino workforce, FilWorX is proud to offer the following virtual assistant services:

Just when you can’t perform administrative and clerical functions, we can effectively do them for you virtually.

Data Processing

Unprocessed data are useless. We’ll help you make the most of these pieces of information by digitizing them.

Customer Service

Need someone to take care of your customers while you’re busy running the business? Count on us!

Specialized Virtual Assistance

Writing, web designing, and social media marketing are no easy tasks. Let our expert VAs handle the pressure for you.

Do you find it too difficult to manage and squeeze in all your daily tasks in a day?
Need someone to help you best manage your web site, screen your e-mail messages, update your social
media accounts, accommodate your sales inquiries, and organize your database while you go on a meeting with a
client or concentrate on your business operations?
FilWorX can lighten up your load and
conquer all your business frictions strategically!
  • “I have worked with Mary to transfer all of our e-mails across to Gmail. I just want to commend her to you. She is diligent, meticulous, and able to follow my specifications. I’m really surprised that she was able to accomplish the project ahead of the set deadline. She truly is a professional and an asset to your VA group.”
    ~ Desiree Frazier
    Manhattan, New York
  • "Thank you for all the work you’ve done FilWorX. I’ve been working with Jane and she’s been totally fantastic. Her tasks are done effectively, as if there’s someone around helping me with some of my minor but significant business activities. So, thank you so much."
    ~ Allissa Jennings
    Perth, Australia
  • "Daniel has accomplished a few projects for us. Currently, he’s doing live chat customer support and attends to our customers during the wee hours of the night. The work FilWorX has provided us has been nothing short of excellent and we look forward to using FilWorX’s services again in the future."
    ~ Steven Reeve
    Wellington, New Zealand
  • “I really thought it was hard to find the perfect virtual assistant who can work for me. FilWorX proved that Filipinos are really hardworking, flexible, and competitive. The company’s virtual assistance services had completed my time-intensive tasks and allowed me to focus on all my business’ core activities. I’m impressed!”
    ~ Melody Rogers
    Dublin, Ireland
  • “Our social media marketing efforts have now paid off. I am really overwhelmed with how FilWorX implemented its own strategies that made us visible online. I have to commend Monica and Tina for their knowledge and exceptional skills. Thanks a lot and more power to you!”
    ~ Janelle Brown
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • It’s amazing working with FilWorX. I didn’t have a hard time giving instructions and in communicating with Sheryl, my VA. She can understand my instructions and she can clearly convey her ideas and suggestions. She has good grasp of the English language, which I think, is one great factor why I keep on choosing her support and services over the others. She has an incredible understanding of the tasks assigned to her and the knowledge to do it accurately. With minimal supervision, she is able to provide the expected outcome, and more often, the best outcome. Thank you, FilWorX!
    ~ Amy White
    Boston, Massachusetts
  • FilWorX have real strategic and dedicated VAs. My sales increased by 25 percent since the team developed and managed my web site. You have opened my mind to the benefits of widening my market. You even made it possible for me to target prospects globally. Thanks for your genuinely intelligent minds and hardworking people. You have sustained my web site with relevant contents that have dressed my business with decency and professionalism. Up to this moment, the page is attracting and encouraging more web visitors to engage and purchase my products. I’m sincerely grateful I’ve worked with you guys. Thanks a lot!
    ~ Albert Peterson
    Washington, D.C.